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High Pointe has been involved in El Salvador since 1995, working to equip those who have a position of leadership in the church as well as those who have the gifts and passion for making disciples. There are many different ways to be involved in our El Salvador efforts of mission work. We would love to have you utilize your gifts in our El Salvador ministries. Let us know you are interested here.



That every Salvadoran will have the opportunity to obey the Gospel



To proclaim the gospel in every city, town and village and to establish evangelistic congregations of our Lord’s church throughout El Salvador and Central America. 


El Salvador Christian Education Program: Empowering Christian Leadership

Since 1997, the members at High Pointe have helped enhance the future church leadership and overall socio-economic status of hundreds of students in El Salvador through the sponsorship program.  This program is implemented through indigenous ministers with whom High Pointe has long-standing relationships.

For $30 per month, your sponsorship provides necessities such as food, clothing, and medical care, and it also allows the students to remain in school.  Your support replaces lost income from the students who often must work on the streets to help provide for their families.  Helping a student to at least finish high school will allow him/her to get a business-related job and become important and impactful to Salvadoran society. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or check out the brochure here, or fill out this quick form


Milagro de Jesus University Scholarship Program

In 2004, Milagro de Jesús Sandoval, a recognized youth leader in El Salvador, passed away. A university scholarship program was established in her honor.  For $60 per month, sponsors have enabled many students to complete university education in their chosen field of study. Some of those areas include:

  • mechanical engineering
  • medicine
  • nursing
  • accounting
  • pharmacy/chemistry
  • law
  • math education
  • clinical laboratory
  • systems engineering
  • English
  • social work
  • marketing
  • communications
  • industrial engineering
  • computer science/networking
  • journalism & audio-visual communication 

Since 2013, the following students have graduated and received a degree in their chosen field:

  • Elmer Daniel Campos del Cid, accounting
  • Asunción del Carmen Melgar Calderón, nursing
  • María Ruíz, elementary education
  • Stefanie Gutiérrez, medicine (cardiology)
  • Katherine Eloisa Velásquez Pérez, nursing
  • Marcela Natalia Perdomo Ramírez, marketing
  • Erika Lissette Mejía Martínez, nursing
  • Bianca Leticia Zelaya, law

After graduation, these successful and important members of Salvadoran society will strive to give back to their community by helping future students to pursue their education in the university.


To learn more about this ministry or how you can support a student in the university, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. check out the brochure here, or fill out this quick form


Mission Bible Class

Founded in 2014, Mission Bible Class (MBC) provides free resources, training, and consultation to equip people around the world to share the Word of God with children. Starting as a collection of Mary Nelson’s own writings and resources, MBC consists of bible story lessons, crafts, and games to download from the website. MBC also offers personal consultations and training workshops throughout the world to help teachers equip and mentor their students in the word of the bible.


MBC in El Salvador is striving to identify and train Christian women to share God’s Word with children and to lead other women to do the same. Comprehensive, Biblical, and ongoing free online resources and tools in Spanish to be used as a curriculum and/or as a base by women servant leaders are provided so they can build their own resources.


To learn more about this ministry, please visit www.missionbibleclass.org 



The El Salvador Missionary Support ministry began in 1995 and strives to equip all missionaries that we support (financially or otherwise) to make disciples who make disciples or plant new churches. We are dedicated to helping every Salvadoran to have the opportunity to obey the gospel, our overall vision for the work in El Salvador. That support comes in a variety of ways including full or partial financial support, training, and encouragement to indigenous evangelists. High Pointe’s involvement spans the country, from San Miguel in the eastern zone to Santa Ana in the western zone, and central city Cojutepeque and the capital San Salvador in the central zone. We are currently partnering with a group of about sixty disciple-makers and more than twenty different churches across the country. All the disciple-making strategy is coordinated through Sixto Rivera, executive director of Genesis Alliance (a U.S.-based disciple-maker training organization) which is charged with implementing disciple-making methodology throughout the country. 


The church plants which High Pointe initiated over the years are:

  • Ahuachapan

  • Alegria, with three house churches

  • Ataco

  • Apaneca

  • Arcos del Molino

  • Candelaria

  • Ciudad Real

  • Cojutepeque

  • El Platenar

  • El Rebalse

  • El Tesoro

  • Juayua

  • La Cruz

  • La Pacifica

  • Miramonte

  • Moncagua

  • Santa Ana

  • San Francisco de Gotera

  • San Nicolas

  • San Salvador

  • San Vicente

  • Turin

The specific missionaries we support are:

  • Cecilio & Reina Sandoval in Alegria

  • Walberto &Lorena Argueta at Arcos del Molino in San Miguel

  • Noe and Betty Artero in Ahuachapan

  • Jaime & Karina Serrano in Candelaria

  • Warner & Maricela Toledo at Ciudad Real near Santa Ana

  • Oscar & Karina Pitan at Cojutepeque

  • Alexander and Lea Monteroza at Cojutepeque

  • Eder & Ruth Vasquez at El Rebalse in San MIguel

  • Carlos & Linda Eguizabal in Juayua

  • Carlos & Evelyn Carranza at La Pacifica in San Miguel

  • Jaime and Rosy Tarios at Moncagua

  • Efrain & Olga Gutierrez at San Nicolas in San Miguel

  • Alexander & Sylvia Castellanos in San Salvado

To learn more about this ministry or to find out how you can help, Paul Newhouse: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Medical Missions 

After consultation with two doctors in Ciudad Real and feedback from local evangelists regarding a large portion of their population being unable to access basic healthcare, High Pointe established a Medical Missions Ministry in 2019. The first ministry trip to El Salvador set out to support efforts in Santa Ana initiated by Dr. Stefani Gutierrez (a Christian Education Program graduate).  

On our most recent trip, many community members were impacted and helped with medical treatment and spiritual guidance:

  • 322 patients were triaged, treated, and connected with the local church ministry.
  • 55 dental extractions were performed
  • 114 pairs of reading glasses were distributed to locals, using the Bible as the testing text.

For more information about the Medical Mission Ministry or to learn how you can be a part of the next trip, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



The El Salvador Discipling Ministry strives to identify and equip discipleship team leaders to make disciples who make disciples and plant new churches. Thus, this ministry is dedicated to helping every Salvadorian to have the opportunity to obey the gospel, our overall vision for the work in El Salvador.  Currently, High Pointe partners with Genesis Alliance (www.genalliance.org) to implement disciple-making methodologies across El Salvador.  Genesis Alliance recently held seminar training for more than 60 selected disciple-makers (including evangelists, some spouses, and young professionals) from all parts of El Salvador, as well as for a small number of evangelists from other Central American countries.


High Pointe has a working relationship with more than 20 different churches, the large majority of which are church plants High Pointe helped to initiate.  All potential disciple-makers receive training and regular encouragement through Genesis Alliance and High Pointe as well as support when needed in crisis situations. 


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