2024 El Salvador Mission Trips



Are you interested in going to El Salvador this year? We would be excited to share the experience with you!

Experience Trip


April 11-15, 2024


This trip is designed to go and meet the different congregations we support  encouraging them and praying with them. We will also visit our brand new facility we just purchased, Centro Emanuel.


Deadline to sign up is February 15, 2024

Medical Trip


June 19-24, 2024


This trip is designed to go and serve in 3 clinics in 3 different locations.  All connected with the churches we support.  We generally serve 100 per clinic. The clinic offers free checkup, medicines, and dental care if we have a dentist for the clinic available. The clinic is for all ages.


Deadline to sign up is April 18, 2024

Working Trip


September 19-23, 2024


This trip is designed to help finish anything we can in the construction of our new facility, Centro Emanuel.


Deadline is July 18, 2024

Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need a Passport to travel?

Yes! You can start the process at: U.S. passports | USAGov


Do I need to speak Spanish?

No. We will have translators with us.


Is there clean water to drink?

We will always have plenty of bottled water available.


Are there any immunizations required?

No, however you should check with your person physician.

Do we all travel together?

Yes. At all times.


Is this a safe place to visit?

While there is always risk associated with travel, we will be in areas that are safe.


What is the weather/climate like?

It is very hot and humid. Sometimes a lot of rain. Dressing is light weight clothing is best.